Best Inverter Battery In India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

An inverter battery is the most important part of the inverter to give you uninterrupted electricity for long hours. Your inverter is worthless without a high-quality inverter battery.

There are thousands of batteries available in the market but to know which one has the best performance without testing them individually is difficult. So, to help you out we have researched on the best inverter batteries in India.

In our research, we have consulted top 30 models, undergone 74 hours of research, and interviewed 5 experts(electric engineers).

In addition to this, there is also a buying guide to help you choose the best inverter battery for home. This will help you narrow down your requirement and choose the one that best fit your needs and choice.

Our Choice

Product Editor’s Pick   Runner Up   Budget Pick   Name Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery Exide 150 Ah New Insta Brite Battery LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery Pros Durable, Charges faster, Provide uninterrupted electricity, Heat resistant, Zero-maintenance, Fits to all type of inverters Good to solve daily power cut issues, Leakproof, Fume proof, Heat resistant, Minimal maintenance Long life Last for long hours, Shockproof, leak proof, Heat resistant, Durable, Charges faster Cons We didn’t found any You need to fill water after every 2-3 weeks in winters and every week in summers. Size is big Buy Now Check Price Check Price Check Price

Best Inverter Batteries In India

ProductBack Up TimeCheck PriceAhAmaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery15-24hrsCheck Price150AhExide 150 Ah New Insta Brite Battery15-20 hrsCheck Price150AhLUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery15-18hrsCheck Price150AhLuminous ILTT 18048 150AH Battery10-15hrsCheck Price150AhMOLO 900W Non-Stick Coated Roti Maker5-8hrsCheck Price100Ah

1. Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

SALE   Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

  • High Heat Tolerance Capacity Makes It Perfect For Indian Weather Conditions,
  • Factory Charged, Has Highest Reserve Capacity,
  • Charging Is Easy And Happens Fast,

Check Price

When it comes to inverter batteries in India, people prefer going for Amaron. Amaron is an Indian company whose batteries sells like pancakes. You will find it in every home where the power cut is always a problem.

In India in most of the rural areas power cut and voltage fluctuation is a problem throughout the year. Amaron inverter batteries are designed thinking this issue. The Amaron 150Ah tubular battery works on a high heat resistant calcium/ultra modified hybrid alloy for its grids. Its high-quality material makes it fit to use it with an inverter of your choice. The battery charges at a much higher rate than expected. It takes 3-4 hours to charge fully. Further, the battery can resist long power cuts bearing the load of three fans and two lights throughout the day. This will let you sleep peacefully in the situations of full night power cut. The battery requires negligible maintenance and comes with a long life-span of around 8-10 years.

To enhance its life, it has vent design of superior quality. With the vent, it won’t face issues like acid-spewing or mist formation. It also has low reserves of lead to avoid unwanted leakages. Furthermore, it can tolerate high heat capacity make it fit for varied Indian weather conditions. It won’t lose water even in the hottest weather so you need not put water regularly in it.

Few other amicable features are serrated sed, pressurized spine casting, and panoptic spine rust prevention. All these things increase the life of the battery. Lastly, you also get a 36 months warranty with this so, in case of any issue you can contact their free service.


  • Weighs 62 kgs
  • Dimension 35.6 x 30.5 x 27.9 cm
  • Comes with 36 months warranty
  • Heat resistant
  • Rustproof
  • Made from calcium/ultra modified hybrid alloys

Things We Like

  • Durable
  • Charges faster
  • Provide uninterrupted electricity for good 15-25 hours when on 1 fan and light
  • Heat resistant
  • Zero-maintenance
  • Fits to all type of inverters

Things We Don’t Like

  • We didn’t found any

Bottom Line

Amaron Tubular inverter battery is one of the most selling inverter batteries in India. If you have long power cut issues go for this one.

2. Exide 150 Ah New Insta Brite Battery

SALE   Exide 150 Ah New Insta Brite Battery

  • 36 Months Warranty,
  • Easy Maintenance: Float/Float Guide To Indicate Electrolyte Level,
  • Easy Handling/Spill-Proof: Moulded Handles To Ensure Easy Handling.Top Vented Lid With Anti-Splash Guards Fitted With Coin…

Check Price

Exide is a well known brand in India known for its array of good quality batteries. This 150Ah inverter battery from exide is great in its performance, design, and quality.

The battery fits almost all the inverters well and is designed in a way to handle long power cuts. When it’s fully charged, it can run one 2 fans and one light for 15-20 hours. This will ensure that you and your kids both study and sleep well when there is a regular evening power cut issues. Exide Insta Battery requires easy maintenance. For the same, it has a float guide to indicate the electrolyte level and guide you whenever there is a water requirement. Further, it has a top vented lid with anti-splash guards fitted with coin flush vent plugs to avoid it from getting overheated.

It is also completely fume and leak resistant. It has special spark arrestor fitted in the float to trap the fumes and acid when in operation. Thus it ensures the top of the battery is always clean without any leakage spills. For easy handling special moulded handles are present on both sides.

You also get a 36 months warranty with this. The service centre of exide is in almost all the rural areas so in case of unforeseen problems you can get it is resolved in a days time. Overall, a decent quality product to help you from regular power cuts.


  • Comes with 36 months warranty
  • A float guide
  • Designed with special fume arrestor
  • Handles on both sides
  • Good ventilation system

Things We Like

  • Good to solve daily power cut issues
  • Leakproof
  • Fume proof
  • Heat resistant
  • Minimal maintenance

Things We Don’t Like

  • You need to fill water after every 2-3 weeks in winters and every week in summers.

Bottom Line

Exide batteries are known for its decent quality and performance in India. If you are a small family who get troubled by evening power cuts go for this one.

3. LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

SALE   LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

  • Tall tubular battery
  • Fast charging
  • Longer backup

Check Price

Luminous is yet another name in the Indian market when it comes best inverter batteries in India. These batteries are especially designed for Indian homes to give long hoursof electricity in those tough power cut hours.

The Luminous red charge 18000 150AH are tall tubular batteries having a unique patented alloy composition. This kind of composition protects the battery from corrosion increasing its life. It has good ventilated uniform grain structure to ensure high-quality performance at all times. They are designed in a way to charge faster and quicker within a span of a few hours. This way it also reduces your electricity bills. The uniform grain structure in it ensures that there is a uniform distribution of active material inside the battery for high performance and no damage to its internal composition.

Further, it also has an improved balanced plate design to withstand voltage fluctuation and protect against water and electrolyte loss. It is leakproof, heat resistant, and is made for the extremes of Indian weather conditions. Lastly, it requires zero maintenance you need not to fill water often. But we suggest you fill water once in a month, especially in summer seasons.


  • Comes with 36 year warranty
  • has unique patent alloy composition
  • Improved balanced plate design

Things We Like

  • Long life
  • Last for long hours
  • Shockproof, leak proof
  • Heat resistant
  • Durable
  • Charges faster

Things We Don’t Like

  • Size is big

Bottom Line

Luminous inverter batteries uses advanced technology to give you high performance and to increase its life span.

4. Luminous ILTT 18048 150AH Battery

SALE   Luminous ILTT 18048 150AH Battery

  • Balanced plate design for improved charge acceptance & excellent deep discharge, recovery
  • Inter partition connection ensures the lowest internal resistance and excellent charge acceptance,
  • Designed to have a life of over 1250 cycles at 80% depth of discharge (dod) – suitable for areas frequent power cuts,

Check Price

This one is another best inverter batteries in India. Luminous ILTT 18048 is ideal for frequent power cuts.

The battery has a balanced plate design for improved charge acceptance and excellent deep discharge which in turns gives it a faster recovery after long power cuts. Further, the internal partition connection in it ensures for the lowest internal resistance and excellent charge acceptance. The product s designed in way with life of over 1250 cycle that makes it best for frequent power cuts. It gives a minimum of 4-5 hrs of back up when charged to 25% of its total battery. It is also equipped with protective casing to prevent the lead part of battery fro corrosion especially at times of voltage fluctuations.

The company gives a warranty of 48 months which is more than its competitors. The customer service is  very prompt and patient to listen and solve your issues. On the whole, an excellent battery for people living in rural areas and facing frequent power cuts.


  • Advanced plated design
  • Protection against lead corrosion
  • Comes with 48 months warranty
  • Designed to have life of over 1250 cycles

Things We Like

  • Long life
  • Corrosion free
  • No leakage issue
  • Lasts for long frequent power cuts

Things We Don’t Like

  • takes time to charge
  • regular maintenance is required

Bottom Line

This Luminous inverter battery is designed with the new technology to withstand frequent power cuts and voltage fluctuations.

5. Exide Inverter Plus 100Ah Battery

  Exide Inverter Plus 100Ah Battery

  • Supports : Power Outage
  • Type : Batteries
  • Brand:Exide

Check Price

This one is a budget friendly bets inverter battery in India for homes.

Exide inverter battery uses an hybrid alloy system to withstand varying weather conditions in India. To make it more powerful, it is equipped with ribbed free polyethylene layered with textured glass mat. It has a magic eye feature that will tell you about how much the battery is charged. it takes around good 5-7 hours to charge the battery fully.

In addition to this, it features an anti-fume vent design, ,leakage Free Surface, and Micro-porous filter Disc. It also has a float guide to indicate the electrolyte level and guide you in case of water requirement. You wont face any kind of surface leakages or fume issue, the top would always be neat and clean.

It also has side ventilation design with fitted micro porous filter disc to avoid over heating of the battery. On the whole, it is a decently priced inverted battery with standard features and performance.


  • Hybrid alloy system
  • Float guideline
  • Bolted type terminal
  • Ribbed free polyethylene pocket type separator along with texturized

Things We Like

  • Low maintainence
  • Corrosion free
  • No leakage or fume issue

Things We Don’t Like

  • Cant work for overnight power cut

Bottom Line

This Luminous inverter battery is designed with the new technology to withstand frequent power cuts and voltage fluctuations.

Buying Guide – What Considerations To Take When Buying The Best Inverter Batteries

Today the Indian market has a lot of inverter batteries, each is different from one another. So, to select the best inverter battery becomes more tidious. Nevertheless, if you know the basic considerations of an inverter battery the task of selection can be a bit easier.

Down below are a few considerations that will help you sort out the best invert battery for your home.

1. Type Of Battery

Batteries come in different types based on the type of electrodes and the plate technology.

On basis of the type of electrodes, they are of two types:

i) Wet Cell Batteries – These are the cheapest type of batteries and require maintenance at regular intervals. They are also known as flooded lead-acid batteries. You can mount them upright and can’t be changed.

ii) Gel Cell Batteries – These batteries do not any regular maintenance. However, you cannot leave them be just like that they need to be cleaned after a few years. They are also known as lead acid batteries. Further, they are longer than wet batteries.

On basis of plate technology, they are of two types:

  • Flat Plate – They are traditional batteries coming in big sizes and were generally used a decade before.
  • Tubular Batteries – They are advanced than the flat plate batteries. They are more efficient than flat plate in features and performance.

Therefore, you should go for tubular batteries as they are anytime the best option.

2. Capacity

It is the actual size of the battery. Each battery has its own output power which signifies the power amount and how long the power can be supplied. The capacity of the battery is denoted by Ah or ampere-hour. Each battery has a different Ah. The higher the Ah rating the more powerful is the battery.

Now, when selecting the battery you need to check the maximum limit of Ah rating battery. Most of the inverters fit a maximum of 150-200Ah rating. So, you select the capacity of a battery as per your requirement. If you live in a place where frequent regular power cut occurs than go fora battery with high capacity and vice versa.

3. Inverter VA rating

Each inverter can connect to a few specific battery size only. You can find the details on the device itself or in the instruction booklet provided with the appliance.VA stands for volt-ampere, it is the amount of voltage and current supplied to the household supply. So, we suggest you check the VA rating with your inverter first and then purchase the best inverter battery for your home accordingly.

4. Back Up Time

This is directly proportional to the capacity of the battery and the quality. A high quality and a high capacity give a high back up time.

5. Brand

Inverter batteries come from different manufacturers and with the varied specification. A reputed brand will design a top-quality battery with high performance. A  brand becomes popular or reputed after satisfying its customer so its always good to rely on branded products.

6. Warranty

A battery can malfunction anytime due to some or the other complications. So, it is suggestable to get a battery with a long warranty period.Apart from these factors, you should also consider your budget and your need. If you have a single inverter for the entire home prefer going for durable high capacity batteries. Further, also relate the power cut in your regions with the battery you are going to purchase to enjoy uninterrupeted current.

Final Talk

Inverter batteries is a requirement for every home in India, especially where there is loads of frequent power cut problem. Without electricity, you can do most of the work so investing in a good inverter battery is always a feasible option.We suggest you invest in this appliance for your own relif and comfort. As you are going to invest your hard earned money make sure invest in a product that matches your need and is high in quality. Our list has only those products which are good in quality and efficiency. You can choose any one of them without a second thought.

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